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Shao is a Taiwanese visual storyteller specializing in narrative illustration and book design. She graduated from University of Brighton with an MA in Sequential Design/Illustration in 2023. Her debut picture book The Crow And The Cherry Blossom was published in 2020 with Hsin Yi Publications (Taiwan).

Shao is interested in exploring how to transform intangible emotional experiences and abstract concepts into atmospheric visual narratives. She enjoys combining traditional and digital techniques to create delicate and multilayered images.

When Shao is not creating art, she travels, meditates, reads, watches indie films, or strolls along the beach.

pencil drawing self-portrait of Shao


2024 IlloBoom! Annual Illustration Summit Challenge, Top 50

2024 School Textbooks Design Award, Merit Award

2023 3x3 International Illustration Student Show No.20, Merit Award

2022 National Human Rights Museum Picture Book Workshop, First Prize
2021 Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award, Longlist 

2019 Hsin-Yi Foundation Children's Literature Awards, First Prize


2024  ‘SEE DIFFERENT’ Textbooks Design Exhibition (Group), SCCP, Taiwan

2023 University of Brighton Graduate Show (Group), Brighton CCA, UK

2022 《致點亮星星的你》(Group), 海灣繪本館, Taiwan

2019 ‘Image Taiwan’ Illustration Exhibition (Group), HOSS Art space, Taiwan

2018 ‘Awake In My Dream’ (Group), Exactly Space, Taiwan

2017 ‘Scenery of the Body’ (Solo), 凝流書店生活, Taiwan

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